A notice on the charge of publishing papers
by foreign authors

May 10, 2018

So far we have not charged foreign authors for their articles.
However, the number of papers submitted by foreign authors has recently increased, causing editors to suffer greatly.
Therefore, starting July 1, 2018, foreign authors will be asked to pay for the publication of the paper.
Foreign authors are charged $ 300 per paper, so please consider carefully before submitting your manuscript.

Open Access System Notice:
Launching on January 1, 2019

Beginning January 1, 2019, Applied Biological Chemistry [ABCH] will publish all papers in an Open Access System in order to take one step further. (The publication fee for each publication is £ 750.)
Please check this point when submitting your manuscript.
Thank you for your continued support.
The journal policy will be the same as before.

Thank you very much.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Hoi-Seon Lee



The Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry (KSABC) is a science society which promotes the adaptation of basic and applied researches on applied biological chemistry and their distribution in compliance with the Act on the Establishment & Management of a Corporation of Public Utility in order to meet up the needs of the society in general. Since its establishment as the Korean Society of Agricultural Chemistry and Biotechnology in March 26, 1960, its name has been changed as the current one for more active engagement in diverse research projects in order to adjust to the progressive academic development of agricultural chemistry.

KSABC publishes the bimonthly 'Applied Biological Chemistry' in English and the quarterly 'Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry' in Korean and English.

As embracing its 59th anniversary this year, KSABC is now actively participating in various research projects concerning biological chemistry, molecular biology, food science, natural products chemistry, agriculture, environmental science, and science of soil, fertilizer, and plant nutrition. Therefore, there is no doubt that KSABC shall serve as the backbone to facilitate the advancement of the related areas both in Korea and abroad in the coming years.

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